Friday, March 6, 2009


Sunrise in Hana, Maui
If we believe that everything happens for a reason, we usually spend a lot of time figuring out the reason because it seems so important. Often we look back at some painful event in our lives and appreciate that it was an opportunity to grow or experience something better.

However, life only has the meaning which we give it. If we believe that life is a meaningless combination of random events, that is what we will experience. If we believe that all of the events in our lives are occurring because of divine destiny, life will appear to be governed that way. If we believe that life is unfolding so that we realize that we are all one, a part of divine presence, we will experience that too.

I used to read dream interpretation books, so that I could figure out the meaning of things that happened in my dreams. Although often interesting, I realized that I could better interpret my dreams by defining their meanings myself. The significance of dreams on a physical, psychological and spiritual basis would be what I believe they are.

Let's stop trying to figure out the meaning of life and why things are happening to us. Let's instead declare it!

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