Monday, January 16, 2017

Stop Making Decisions

Pierre at the Tapeka Pools

Wouldn't it be incredibly relaxing if we never had to make another decision?

What if every decision was made for us and was the perfect decision for everyone involved?  I am not speaking about taking direction from a parent, teacher or autocrat.  What if we could ask advice from our own future self?  What if we could ask advice from another version of ourselves who, not only knows the future, but knows what everyone that we know is thinking and doing?  Would we follow their advice?  Of course we would.  This is what happens when we surrender our will to Universal Energy.

When we have to make a decision, we can make a list of the pros and cons associated with either decision.  We can ask the advice of experts and trusted friends.  We can do research and explore every possible angle.  In the end we do not have enough information to know which decision will lead to a positive outcome.  It does not do us much good if we win the lottery and are hit by a bus on our way to claim the prize.

By surrendering our will to that of Universal Energy, we will always be led to the best decision for everyone concerned.

How can we tell the difference between intuition and unconscious impulses?  Following our intuition will always make us feel peaceful and open.  When we follow our impulses, we often feel uneasy and our bodies feel constricted.  When we relax our minds and are in presence, we are in harmony with our true nature.  Decisions flow naturally without effort.

Let's surrender to the flow of life.