Thursday, September 18, 2008


God does not make judgments. There is nothing that we can do to fall out of Grace.

We have complete freedom to live in harmony with our Divine Nature. Or we can continue to live unconsciously, experiencing the cycles of desire and frustration, elation and depression.

How do we know that our thoughts and actions are in alignment with our Divine Nature? We know that we are aligned with Source when our thoughts and actions bring us peace, love, and/or joy.

Let's choose.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Our beliefs are created by programming that we are exposed to from birth by our families, schools, the media, etc. The programming is reinforced daily. We carry around stale beliefs which have been with us since childhood, and do not serve us anymore. The beliefs about our gender, our identity and judgments about other people and things limit our options and cut us off from the life force which is our true nature.

The old beliefs, which often operate below the level of consciousness, cause us to continually repeat patterns of behavior. We keep having the same reaction to situations until we break the cycle of our patterns by becoming aware of the underlying beliefs which control us.

It is time to let go of our stale beliefs which do not bring us what we want in life.

By bringing awareness to our thoughts, feelings and actions, we can release our beliefs and judgments and be aligned with the Infinite Energy Source, which is life itself. Our lives will become peaceful as we give up the things that frustrate and irritate us.

Let's surrender all of our judgments about people, situations, and ourselves and embody the peace which we crave. We no longer need to seek it as it is what we truly are.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Are we aware of what we are doing? Do we examine our thoughts and feelings? Or do we sleepwalk through life like programmed robots, doing mindless activities and bouncing from envy to frustration, from elation to anger, from adoration to resentment.

Do we say what we mean? Does everything we do and say reflect our true intentions? Do our actions enhance our lives and the lives of others in a meaningful way?

We can break the bonds of our programming and conditioned responses by being aware of our actions, thoughts and emotions, without judgment. The light of awareness reprograms our lives and allows us to live in alignment with our true selves. Stale beliefs fall away, and peace, love and joy enter our lives.

Traditionally, in Japanese culture, people are mindful of every activity they do. They put their full attention to whatever they are doing and try to make it as perfect as possible.

We should be mindful in every activity as well. Every action and every thought should reflect our intentions.

Let's bring our attention to every activity we do. Let's be aware of our feet touching the ground when we walk, let's chew every bite of food that we eat and be grateful for the nutrition it provides.

Let's be present, beyond thought.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Living in a major city, it can be difficult to find peace. The constant noise and concrete contribute to feelings of unease and frustration. Many people living in close proximity with each other increases the chattering of our minds. Thoughts and beliefs are also constantly reinforced.

We can be peaceful in any situation by silencing the turmoil within us. We can be peaceful in any situation, on an isolated beach or on a crowded subway. We can silence the mind and not be lost in our thoughts by bringing our attention to our thoughts without judgment. Our attention is the light of awareness which dissolves stale thoughts and beliefs.

It requires courage and discipline. We have the courage to look at our thoughts and beliefs which have not been examined for a long time. There is nothing in our thoughts which can harm us. Some unexamined thoughts are painful. These thoughts are far more harmful to ourselves when we do not acknowledge them. They cause us to unconsciously live our lives in frustration and fear. By merely bringing our attention to these thoughts, they lose the power to control us and eventually dissolve.

We need discipline to consistently keep our focus on the moment despite the strong pull of outward distractions and inward unconscious thinking. It is like exercising a muscle. The more we practice being present, the easier it becomes.

Let's surrender to peace regardless of where we are or what circumstances we are in.

Monday, September 1, 2008


If there was an activity which, by doing it a few minutes a day, would lower our blood pressure and make us healthier, would we do it? If there was an activity which would improve our relationships, would we find time to do it? What if this activity would make us happy and peaceful, and rid us of our depression, frustration and neuroses?

Unfortunately, there is no such activity which can achieve these results. However, there is a non-activity that will accomplish these things and more.

If we take only a few minutes a day to sit in stillness, all of these things will occur in our lives. Becoming aware of our breath, our thoughts and our emotions, without judgment, takes courage and discipline.

Numerous studies have proven that meditation lowers blood pressure, enhances health, and increases well-being.

Is it worth a few minutes out of our busy day to benefit every aspect of our lives and indeed change the world?

Let's allow ourselves the gift of stillness.