Sunday, March 15, 2015


Central Park

It is very simple.

We can live a life of peace, love, joy, freedom and fulfillment, or we can lead a life of frustration, anger, fear and self-loathing.  The choice is that stark.  We can either live a life of compulsive thinking, where our every action and thought is programmed through our lifelong conditioning, or we can live in presence, where every day is fresh and a new opportunity to be fulfilled.

Freedom from compulsive thinking is possible.  It seems too difficult, but it is only as hard as we make it.  It requires a strong intention, discipline and courage,

Thoughts about awakening are not awakening.  Awakening is the transcending of thought through presence.

We need a strong intention, because, while simple, awakening is not easy.  The pull of compulsive thinking is very strong.  We need discipline to consistently apply the tools which we have at our disposal.  Meditating daily is certainly one of our best tools.  And we need courage to face our unconscious thoughts which come to the surface.  We acknowledge them without judgment and surrender them to the Void.  Acknowledge and surrender.

Let's choose presence.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Red Rock, Topanga

We are like an appliance plugged into an electrical outlet.  When we are stressed or resistant, we are blocking the flow of energy.  We become listless, depressed and frustrated.  Our health declines.

When we turn our attention towards presence, we are plugged into the Infinite Energy Source.  We are Energized!  Supercharged!  Revitalized!

This may sound like nonsense, but all we have to do is try it to see that it is true.

Living in presence allows us to live with passion and find our true purpose.  We choose to bring our attention away from compulsive thinking and towards being, fully inhabiting our senses.

Let's be present.