Monday, March 16, 2009


Near Queenstown, New Zealand

We do not live our lives truthfully. We show a different face to the different people we interact with in accordance with the expectations of the situation. We act differently with our parents, with our friends, with our bosses, with the gardener, our spouses, homeless people, etc. We have secret agendas and do not express what we are truly thinking and feeling. We try to manipulate people instead of telling people what we want. Even our white lies damage our relationships and ourselves.

It takes an enormous amount of energy to feel one way and act another way. We project the image that we think people want us to project. This causes a lot of stress.

Aren't we tired of suppressing who we really are? Aren't we tired of sleepwalking through life like programmed zombies? It is far more relaxing to be transparent and live authentically. We believe that we are sparing someone's feelings when we do not tell them the truth. The opposite is true. We do not give people enough credit. Are we really doing our friends a favor when we lie to spare their feelings? Do we think that little of them that we do not think they can handle the truth? When we live authentically, people often respond to us in the same way.

Let's have the courage to be who we really are. Let's be transparent.

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Marion said...

This was posted on my birthday so I reread it. I think living in transparency is something we should strive for. It always feels so good when we come across someone that we know we are truly connecting with.