Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hakone, Japan

We do not need to figure everything out.  If we have a difficult problem, we cannot find the best solution through thought.  When we surrender our judgments and beliefs, we realize that we do not have any problems at all.  We just have situations that we are interacting with.

When we allow Universal Mind to take over our actions, the result is the highest outcome for all concerned.

When we surrender our desires and expectations, we will receive miracles beyond anything that we can imagine for ourselves.  Our life's purpose will be fulfilled.

Our stress fades away when we realize that we do not have to plan our lives or solve our problems.  We do not have to think or do anything at all.  All we have to do is allow things to be as they are.  We will be led to our highest outcome.

We do not need to understand how Universal Mind works.  We could not begin to comprehend it anyway.

Let's surrender to the Great Mystery.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Coromandel, New Zealand

Why is gratitude the key to abundance?  Because gratitude is abundance.  We are grateful because we have everything we need to be happy and fulfilled.

Think of the Universe as a giant machine, like the holodeck on Star Trek.  We will experience what we program into it.  We program it with what we think, say and believe. We are programming our experiences through our beliefs.

If we want to ascertain what our beliefs are, all we have to do is look at our lives.  When we embody gratitude, it signals to the Universe that we have abundance.  That programming allows more abundance to flow into our lives.

Gratitude cannot be faked.  We cannot say, "all I have to do to have what I want is to act grateful." It is the wanting that is keeping us from the having.  When we are grateful, we want for nothing.

We can begin to embody gratitude by embracing the little things (which are actually the most important things).  We can enjoy and appreciate things like walking in nature, holding hands, the pleasures of sex, looking at the sunset, brunch with an old friend, dancing, or the simple act of breathing.  The more that we appreciate the things in our lives which we enjoy, the more amazing things we will attract.

Let's be grateful.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Enlightenment Now

East Cape, New Zealand

It is time for us to get off the "spiritual path."  Many spiritually minded people say that they are on the path because that is an appropriate and modest thing to say.  Being on the path is a perfectly fine place to be.

The only problem is, the Universe will create a reality in perfect alignment with what we believe.  If we are on the path, we will always be on the path.  When we think it and say it, we do not have the actual intention that someday we will arrive and be enlightened.

The only reason that we do not believe that we will ever awaken is because we do not believe that we are capable of it.  We think that enlightenment is only for Indian gurus or a handful of great spiritual teachers.  We believe that it is too difficult.  This belief leaves us in a perpetual state of becoming.

There is a different way.  We can declare in this very moment that we are enlightened and will it into being.  I have written about The Upward Spiral in previous posts, and will not repeat what I said here.  Suffice it to say, if we declare it right now, the Universe will respond in an instant, and bring it into reality.  If we think it, declare it, and believe it, we will will it into reality.  Negative thoughts, such as anger, loneliness, frustration and fear cannot survive in the face of the strongly held belief that we are enlightened.

How awesome would it be if every person reading this post became enlightened in this very moment!

Let's get off the path and wake up right now.  This moment is the only time we can awaken.  We cannot awaken in the future because the future is an illusion.  It is only a concept.  It has no existence.  Now is the only time that exists.

Hallelujah!  We are now enlightened!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Bozeman, Montana

The vast majority of the guilt that we feel serves no purpose whatsoever.

True guilt has a natural purpose.  When we feel guilty about something we did, we can try to correct it, apologize for it, and resolve that when a similar situation arises, we will act differently.  Natural guilt causes us to be better and better.

Artificial guilt only serves to make us anxious and depressed.  It serves no function.

How can we tell the difference between natural and artificial guilt?  When we feel guilty,  we can ask ourselves the following question:  "If we were confronted with the same situation, would we do the same thing, or something different?"  If the answer is that we would do something different, that is natural guilt.  We can try to repair the situation that we caused, apologize sincerely, and resolve to act differently in the future.  The guilt has served its purpose and dissolves of its own accord.

If the answer is that we would do the exact same thing, that is artificial guilt.  Artificial guilt is a relic of our conditioned belief systems.  It is not necessary to figure out where it came from.  It is important to just get rid of it.  We can rid ourselves of artificial guilt permanently in about a month.

When we feel guilty and ask ourselves the question: "If we were in the same situation, would we do something different or would we do the same thing," and realize that we would do the same thing, the realization that the artificial guilt serves no purpose lessens its hold on us.  By undergoing this process, we understand how absurd it is to feel guilty.  We surrender the thought and feeling, and it dissolves when faced with the light of awareness.  With practice, it never even has a chance to affect us.  We are immediately able to differentiate between natural and artificial guilt and the artificial guilt disappears before it is able to enter our consciousness.

Let's be aware of our guilt.