Saturday, December 26, 2015


Bay of Islands, New Zealand

We cannot think our way out of our problems.  We can try, but, since our thoughts are the cause of our troubles, thinking about solutions will, at best, give us temporary relief.  Since thinking is the cause of our problems, it cannot provide real answers.

To solve our problems, to live a life of peace, joy, love and freedom, to have our prayers answered, and to be fulfilled, we must transcend thought.  We cannot think our way through our problems because our thoughts are not true. They are created by our belief systems which have been built up over a lifetime of conditioning.  If we examined all of the thoughts that we have in any given day, it would be a mixture or regret about past events, worry about the future, guilt, dread, as well as pure gibberish.

The only way that we can see our situation clearly is by choosing presence rather than thought.  We awaken to a new world of being by realizing that our thoughts are not true and turning our attention to the present moment.

Thinking about the past and the future will never get us anywhere good. When we believe we are who we think we are, we are living a life of illusion.  Thinking about past events with regret or imagining what the future will be is a waste of time.

If we are not who we think we are, who are we?  We are the awareness which is trying to solve our problems by thinking through them.

Instead of finding answers by thinking them through and adding something to our lives, we can find Truth by surrendering all of our thoughts, beliefs, and judgments.  When we surrender all of the ideas of who we think we are, we are left with pure awareness, i.e., that which perceives, without judgment.  When we become one with Awareness, we experience the peace, love and joy that we are seeking.

Let's surrender our thoughts and be present.