Sunday, November 27, 2011

A World Of Thought

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We live in a world of thought. Our entire lives exist within this world of conditioned thoughts and programmed beliefs. It is a limited world of fear, ego, regret, frustration and dread of the future. Every once in a while a sliver from the Ocean of Who We Really Are enters our world in the form of an intuition, premonition or feeling of love or oneness. We either forget about it ten minutes later or fail to acknowledge it at all. It is time to acknowledge and accept who we really are.

We are connected to and nourished by an Ocean of unlimited love, peace, joy and wisdom. It is our very nature, our very selves. All we have to do is remember it. By surrendering our thoughts, judgments and beliefs to the Great Unknown, we are one with the limitless Ocean of Being.

Let's remember who we really are.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Tongariro, New Zealand

When we bring our attention to the present, we experience the isness of life. We accept the world just as it is. We surrender all of our stale thoughts, beliefs and judgments. Once we accept life as it is, we can make conscious choices that we have previously made unconsciously. The best course of action for us becomes readily apparent. The world seems more alive. We do not feel the need for our senses to be stimulated all the time. Our bad habits fade away. Our relationships are different. We lose the desire to judge and criticize others (and ourselves) so harshly. We see the beauty in simple things. We are content just being. We do not have to constantly be doing something.

Let's explore the isness of life by being.

Saturday, November 5, 2011



If we were electricity instead of who we are, we would not be able to describe ourselves. We could say that we are very powerful and we provide the energy to make machines work, but it would be impossible to describe our essence accurately.

We are electricity and it is impossible to describe or think about who we really are.

Just as electricity animates machines, The Infinite Energy Source animates our physical instruments. The Source passes through the filter of our belief systems and comes out as happiness, unhappiness, frustration, rage, insecurity, joy, passion, fear, elation and all of the other manifestations of the human experience. The energy that we receive is filtered through our programming. We can receive unfiltered energy and wisdom from the Infinite Energy Source, which is our very essence, and experience joy, peace, love and freedom. We can receive the unfiltered energy and information and become one with the Source by surrendering all of our thoughts, judgments, ideas and beliefs about who we are and what we think the world is. We become pure awareness and experience the world as if we were born anew.

Let's surrender to the Infinite.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Freedom is the ability to make choices. We make choices hundreds of times a day whether we know it or not. Everything we experience is filtered through our belief systems. The vast majority of our choices are ones consistent with those systems. Our belief systems have been programmed into us since birth. Once we bring awareness to our thoughts and beliefs, we can begin to consciously choose which thoughts and beliefs help us create the life we intend to live. We can surrender and release those thoughts and beliefs which no longer serve us. The more we consciously choose our thoughts, beliefs and actions, the more life will unfold before us and we will discover our life's purpose.

Let's choose freedom.