Friday, April 25, 2008


What we say and think affects how we feel. If we change what we say and think, we will change the way we feel.

When people used to ask me how I was (which, since I am mostly on the phone all day with different people, is sometimes dozens of times a day), I would always answer "I can't complain," signifying that, although I am not too well, there are a lot of people worse than I. Although I usually felt OK, I was often frustrated and angry.

One day I realized the connection between what I said and my state of mind. Now when people ask me how I am, I only answer one of two ways: "fantastic" or "great." I noticed that occasionally this response lifts the spirits of the person I am speaking with. I also noticed that I began feeling less angry and frustrated when little things went wrong.

I had a cold this week, yet when people asked how I was, I answered "fantastic." When I realized I sounded sick, I would sometimes follow it up with "I have a cold, but otherwise feel fantastic." I also realized that I felt great despite being sick. Even though I had the symptoms of a cold, they did not affect my state of being. I did not feel sorry for myself, did not expect sympathy from others or wish that I was not sick. I also did not identify with being a sick person.

Let's bring awareness to our words and thoughts and, if they are not reflecting who we want to be, let's release them. Our words and thoughts should reinforce what we truly are: love, peace and joy.

(I feel better now, thanks.)

Monday, April 21, 2008


The fear of death follows us like a shadow. It colors every action we take. We are afraid because we were taught that there is something to fear.

When we float over our bodies and realize that we are more than our bodies, we know that there is nothing to fear. Our physical manifestation is just a small part of what we are.

There is no reason to have preconceptions about death. It will be what it will be. Our Spirit will continue.

Let's surrender our fears and be one with the Infinite.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


As we bring awareness to our thoughts and feelings, it is easy to feel frustrated and angry at the small-minded, selfish and, indeed, crazy thoughts that we have. This frustration and anger perpetuates the conditioned programming that we experience in our thoughts and our actions.

Although it may seem that these thoughts represent "ourselves," they do not. They are merely conditioned responses to programming that we received long ago and which is constantly being reinforced. As our awareness increases, the crazy thoughts recede into the background.

Let's bring gentle awareness to our thoughts and feelings and forgive ourselves for whatever we might observe. Those thoughts do not represent what we are.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Stress and fear are the same thing. Stress is a euphemism for fear.

When our bodies are in a perpetual state of stress, adrenaline is constantly coursing through our muscles and organs. The system was designed so that adrenaline is released in short bursts when we are under imminent threat.

When we are stressed, it is as if an automobile was running at maximum revs constantly. The car's life is greatly shortened and it is susceptible to mechanical breakdown.

We can release the stress by bringing awareness to our bodies, our activities, our thoughts, our emotions, and our breathing. The awareness brings acceptance of our current situation and allows the stress to be released like a balloon slowly releasing air. Otherwise the balloon will continue to expand and eventually burst. Similarly, if we do not release our stress, we could suffer a heart attack or a stroke.

Let's be aware of the fear and the stress within our bodies and release it by awakening to presence