Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Qamea, Fiji

When someone cuts us off on the freeway, do we really want to kill them? When the old woman in front of us in the checkout line at Whole Foods takes a long time writing a check, do we really think she is an idiot?

Who are we really hurting when we are irritated, angry or enraged at things large and small? We are only hurting ourselves. Stress causes strokes and heart attacks. Stress is caused by our irritation, annoyance and anger.

We are literally killing ourselves with our anger.

We can release the anger and irritation and be loving instead, both with the people we know and with ourselves. We have no need to be patient. Patience implies that we are waiting for something. When we are standing in line, we are steeped in loving presence. No patience necessary.

Let's release our anger and return to our loving true nature.


Tyler and Terence said...

I totally agree, usually if I have been practicing my meditation, things small or big do not seem to irritate or bother me. Whenever I get annoyed at someone on the road, I think to myself, oh you need to meditate.

Vanessa Viana said...

Loved this posting -- It sounds... organic :)