Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Our breath is a connection between our physical selves and the Unmanifested.

Our breath and our states of mind are irrevocably tied. If we are stressed, our breath is short and shallow. If we are relaxed, our breath is long and deep. If we change our breath, our state of mind will change and vice versa.

We can release our stress by becoming aware of our breathing and allowing ourselves to fully breathe in and out.

Let's be aware of our breathing and the connection between our breath and Spirit.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


It takes an enormous amount of energy to play different roles in different situation. It also causes stress. We act differently to our friends, our parents, our bosses, strangers, etc. We play the role that we think is expected of us in that particular context.

We are afraid to be transparent in every situation. Being transparent means that we have no hidden thoughts and agenda. People see us as we truly are. We are afraid that who we are is not good enough or that we will hurt someone's feelings or not be accepted.

It is far more relaxing to always be ourselves. It is true that there may be some friction when we make the transition and we may also lose some of our friends and relationships. We should ask ourselves whether we want to remain friends with people who will not accept us as we really are. Those relationships were based on false premises and were holding us back.

When one door closes another one opens. Although we may lose some friends, we will find others whose vibration is more aligned with ours.

Let's be authentic in every situation.