Sunday, May 25, 2014



The agitation and turmoil that we feel when we encounter something unpleasant or hurtful does not help our situation.  We somehow believe that if we are not upset when something "bad" happens, that things will get worse.  The opposite is true.

If we surrender our anger, irritation and fear, we will see things more clearly and a solution will become apparent.  Our anger and frustration do not help.  Why do we hold on to our emotional reactions so strongly?  Because we believe they are necessary for our survival.  They are not.  We do not need them.  They make our situation worse.  Let's surrender them and choose to remain peaceful in the face of "adverse" circumstances.

We don't have enough information to know what is good or bad for us.  Sometimes the worst things turn out to be the best in retrospect.  Sometimes the best things turn out to be a disaster.

When the world is crumbling around us, let's surrender and relax, knowing that everything that is occurring is specifically designed to enhance our awakening.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Central Park

Wouldn't it be great if there was something that would lift us out of our depression, heal our relationships, ease our fears, and solve all of our problems.  There is.  Love can do all this and more.

When we are confronted with a difficult situation, we have two choices.  We can react from fear, unconsciously thinking and acting from our established belief systems.  Our problems are rarely solved this way and are often exacerbated.  The same problems often confront us again and again because we repeat the same patterns and never try something new.

We can choose a different way to react.  We can bring love to the situation.  When we do, healing immediately begins.  The situation resolves itself without effort.  When we bring love, we are surrendering our old beliefs, thoughts and judgments.  We are in harmony with the Universe, which is much better at solving our problems than we are.

We should never forget to shine love on ourselves as well.  We can project love both outwardly and inwardly.

Love, love, love is our mantra.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


We try to force things to be as we would like them to be.  Our desires are strong and we believe that satisfying them is necessary for our happiness and well being.

We share the beliefs of the various groups that we belong to: our religious institutions; our socio-economic class; our family beliefs; the beliefs of our friends and other social groups.  Our desire to belong is strong.  We don't want our beliefs to differ from those of the groups we belong to because we believe we will be ostracized and alone.

Like robots, we unconsciously think, say and do things that we were programmed to do.  We live life in a fog, only occasionally experiencing something real and authentic.

We can live a life of passion, joy, peace and love.  To do so, we need to surrender all of our beliefs, thoughts, judgments, ideas, notions, and desires, and allow Life to be just as it is.

When we surrender to the Great Mystery, the wisdom of the Universe enters our lives and we begin to fulfill our life's purpose.  The petty things that used to concern us lose their significance as our neuroses fade away.  Peace, love and joy enter our lives.

We are alive with excitement about what is going to happen next.  Life ceases to be a drag.  Instead it becomes the greatest adventure.

Let's surrender our beliefs and allow Life to be just as it is.