Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

It can't be stated enough. If we want to get rid of our neuroses, our frustrations, our anger, envy, obsessions, our unhappiness, lethargy, addictions, toxic relationships, our deepest fears, we can do it by simply spending 20 or so minutes in meditation. The benefits will be instantaneous. Stillness is a powerful force, with the ability to completely transform our lives. A new study has found that meditation is more potent than morphine in relieving pain. Several studies have shown that it activates portions of the brain that had been previously dormant. Can such a small investment of time bring such profound effects in our life. You betcha.

Let's enjoy stillness.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Cocoa Puff

We project images of ourselves to the world that we believe best reflect what others expect to see. The images were created by societal programming.

We could change the images which we project to the world in order to create a better projection of who we would like to be. We could project images of positivity, courage, success, etc. However, whatever image we choose to project will be hollow and unconvincing because they are only thought projections. They do not have the power and energy to back them up.

When we release our images of ourselves, we can relate to the world as we really are. We cease to be an image. We become real. Our physical manifestations have the infinite energy of Source behind them. We project peace and quiet power. Our lives become more positive because we are in harmony with Source.

Let's release our thoughts about who we are or who we want to be or who we want others to believe that we are. We will be transformed by becoming who we truly are, beings of infinite energy manifesting our divine energy in the physical realm.

It takes courage to release our images of who we think we are. Painful memories that we have been repressing come to the surface. Thoughts of dread about the future may surface as well. We have nothing to be afraid of. No thought can harm us unless we let it. As we drop our belief structures about who we think we are and how we think the world works, we become one with the power of Presence. We will transform ourselves and the world.

Let's release our thoughts about ourselves and reality and allow Presence in.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Qamea, Fiji

Inspiration is the flow of ideas from Source. We cannot force inspiration or make it happen. We can, however, create an environment for it to occur. Our thoughts and beliefs block the flow of inspiration. When we are lost in thought or carried away with our emotions, there is no room for energy to enter. By slowing our thoughts and surrendering our judgments, we allow inspiration to guide us. Letting go of our beliefs about reality and who we think we are allows true knowledge and inspiration to flow through our lives.

Let's surrender our stale beliefs and surrender to the great Mystery.