Sunday, September 29, 2013


Qamea, Fiji

What is a miracle?  A miracle is a shift in perception that causes something unexpected and beautiful to occur.

Life can be repetitious and boring and something to be dreaded, or it can be an infinite series of miracles, one more beautiful than the next.  Or it can be anything in between.  the Universe will present as many miracles into our lives as we allow It to.  It is entirely up to us.

People in Los Angeles love to be cynical and judgmental.  It makes us feel special to believe and receive agreement on the faults of others.  That is fine, except by doing so we are confirming and materializing our own inadequacy.

We can allow life to be a wondrous adventure, filled with a never ending series of miracles, by dropping our judgments, desires and expectations and letting life be just what it is.  When we surrender our puny and small minded will to the Universal will, we fulfill our life's purpose for the maximum benefit of all involved.

Let's allow Life to be just as it is.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Nara, Japan

Love and fear.  These are the two root emotions from which every other one derives.  We are making a choice of one or the other every moment, even though we may not be aware that we are making a choice.

One road takes us to frustration, despair, anger, disappointment and self-loathing.  The other road takes us to love, peace, wisdom, and a feeling of connection to everything and everyone.  The choice should not be too hard, should it?

Since we are magnets which attract the things that we focus our attention on, when we choose fear, we will attract things which make us fearful.  When we choose love, positive things will start to happen to us.  We will attract other loving people into our lives.  The Universe will start to tilt in our direction. Reality will become a beautiful unfolding, rather than random chaos or an oppressive force which is out to get us.

Let's release our anger, frustration, fear and hatred, and turn our awareness to the love that binds us all.  It can happen in an instant.  It is as simple as turning on a switch.

Let's choose love.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Waiheke Island, New Zealand

We think we know who we are.  We think we know what we want.  We strive and work for things that we think will make us whole or fulfill us.  We yearn for things that others have.  We are convinced that if we only had a romantic partner, a new job, more money, a better home, an education, more friends, a better childhood, better looks, more youth, better health, a new car, new clothes, or better luck, that the holes in our hearts would finally be filled.

The truth is that if we had any or all of these things, we would soon find ourselves alone and frustrated again.  In fact, we might even feel more depressed because, if the thing that we thought would make us whole does not, there is truly no hope for us.  I believe that is what happened to Michael Jackson.  He had everything that anyone could have, yet found no peace, love or joy in his life.  If having everything does not make us happy, then the world must indeed be an evil and terrifying place.

Of course, there is another way.

We could have more peace, love and joy in our lives than we can possibly imagine.    Indeed it is our heritage.  It is what we are.  It is so simple to find because it is right there for us to discover at any given moment (how about this very one?).

All that we have to do is choose a different way.  

How do we do it?  We give up our desires and expectations, and surrender our will to the Divine Infinite.  We surrender our will to God's will.  When we do this, our lives will be filled with miracles, and we will discover our life's purpose.

Let's allow divine wisdom to guide us.