Sunday, February 28, 2010


Kyoto, Japan

How do we find peace in the chaos of the city, the stress of our daily lives, and the turmoil of our thoughts and emotions? How do find peace when our boss tries to undermine us, our health is challenged and we do not have love in our lives?

We cannot find peace if we look for it, because peace is what we are. Peace is what we are. Peace is what we are. All that we have to do is recognize it.

Let's embody peace

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Dinner, Hakone, Japan

Are we paying attention to what we are doing, saying and thinking, or are we acting or reacting in accordance with our conditioning?








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When our attention is on what we are doing, we are in harmony with our inner selves and the universal energy.

When we are listening, are we listening, or thinking about how we want to respond? When we eat, do we eat or think about something else? When we walk, do we walk, or do we think about where we are going or what will happen when we get there? When we speak, do we communicate what we mean to communicate, or do we give a programmed response?When we meditate, do we meditate?

Right now let's turn our attention to what is.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

God is not religion. Religion is not God. God cannot be understood with words or thought. Thought interferes with our ability to experience the Divine. God can be known, experienced and felt. All we have to do is surrender to it.

Religion is a belief structure built by men around their conception of the teachings of an awakened spiritual master. Religion can bring us closer to spiritual awakening, but religion can also keep us from it.

Religion is not necessary to become spiritually awakened. There is nothing we can do that will keep us from being Divine, because Divine is what we are. We just have to awaken to it.

Let's surrender to our Divinity.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Start Now

Buffalo, Yellowstone National Park

Our intention is to awaken and live in the present moment. We just believe that it will happen sometime in the future. We believe that we do not have time, that we have to first obtain or achieve something or learn something.

We cannot awaken in the future. The future is an illusion. We can only awaken in the present moment. If we wait to become present, it will never happen.

The time to awaken is right now. It is not something that can be postponed. Why not just start now?

Let's awaken now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Pohutukawa Tree, Coromandel, New Zealand

We are not living with integrity when our words or actiions are not consistent with our deeper being. If we feel hesitant, annoyed, frustrated or afraid, we are not in synch with who we are.

When we act in concert with our higher selves, we speak with authority, act with conviction and the energy flows through us.

If we are deciding between two courses of action, we should not try to figure out which we prefer. Thought can only get us so far. If we are still, we will make the right decision that will benefit ourselves and those around us.

Sometimes it is best to not make a decision and see how we feel when we awaken. Often it is the less obvious choice. If our decision brings us peace, makes us feel strong or feels right, we are making the right decision. If we decide based on what we think that other people expect, we are cutting ourselves off from the wisdom that resides within us.

Let's live life with integrity.