Sunday, February 12, 2012


Waiheke Island, New Zealand

All of the turmoil and frustration that we experience is caused by our incessant thought. Our thoughts arise from our belief systems which have been programmed into us from birth and are reinforced by our friends, family, our teachers, the media and other societal institutions.

Our thoughts create a wall of separation. We are cut off from the natural flow of Universal Energy. Every moment of every day, we make a choice to believe our thoughts about reality rather than embrace our natural state of peace, love and joy. The choice we make is usually unconscious. We are choosing even though we do not realize that we are doing so.

Peace might seem like a remote concept, but it always right beside us. All that we have to do is embrace it. Every event that we experience seems random, and we are programmed to automatically react in a negative way. Actually, everything happens for a reason, and we choose how we are going to react to it. We do not have enough information to determine whether the things that are happening to us are good or bad. We often assume that they are bad.

Once we realize that our thoughts are not necessarily true, but merely conditioned responses which may or may not be true, we can surrender our thoughts and see reality as it really is, without the judgments and beliefs which cloud our seeing. When we inhabit our bodies and our senses and bring our attention to the present moment, we will experience peace, regardless of what is happening externally. Every moment is a new opportunity to choose peace. When we embrace our true nature, which is peace, the world will start to tilt more in our favor. As things that happen to us bother us less, less bad things happen to us.

Let's surrender to peace.