Sunday, February 17, 2013


Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Everything that happens to us is specifically designed to bring about our awakening.

We do not have enough information to determine whether things that happen to us are "good" or "bad."  What we think of as good may not be good for us, and what we think of as bad might be the best thing that ever happens to us. This is regardless of whether we lose our jobs, lose a loved one, or get cancer.  If we knew that we are going to die tomorrow, can we really know for certain that would be bad?

When we are grateful for everything that happens to us and treat all events as gifts from our Universal Connection, life unfolds harmoniously, and the gifts continue to pour down on us like a spring rain, When we surrender the life that we think we want for ourselves, Every moment of our lives becomes an adventure. We are passionate about even mundane tasks.  Peace, love and joy begin to permeate our lives as we begin to fulfill our life's purpose.

All we have to do is surrender our will to the Universal will.  Nothing else is required.

Let's be grateful.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


East Cape, New Zealand

Many people are turned off by the idea of prayer because traditionally, it meant that we were asking favors from a supernatural being outside of ourselves.  Since many believe that the idea of a supernatural being outside of ourselves is a concept created by religious institutions as a means of power and control, we dismiss the notion of prayer as a product of those institutions.

Since we are divine beings wearing the clothes of human beings, when we pray we are actually setting our intentions for ourselves from our Divine nature .  We are not looking outward asking for help.  We are going inside ourselves, bringing our intentions into alignment with the Infinite Energy Source.

Of course, our prayers will work best when we are praying for the best outcome for the highest good of all concerned.

Let's surrender our will to our higher selves.