Sunday, April 2, 2017

It Whispers in Silence

Venice Beach

We are very familiar with the every day part of ourselves.  The part that has gender, religion, likes and dislikes, friends, family, beliefs and so on.  We are less familiar with the part of ourselves which sends a message to our gut that we should take one course of action over another.

This part of ourselves has unlimited information about ourselves and the world, and the knowledge which can lead us to our highest fulfillment.  If this "higher" part of ourselves is sending us information occasionally, is there a way for us to access this information so that we will make better decisions?  In other words, if the communication flows one way, why can't the communication flow the other way as well?  It can.

It whispers in silence.  The more still and silent we are, the more we can hear it, the more information we can receive.  We don't have enough information to know how the communication will come or what it will contain.  So it is important to not have expectations or judgments about the information.  It might be a dream.  Or a feeling.  We just have to be open.

How can we tell the difference between intuition, instinct, and impulse, such as our urge to have a cigarette if we are trying to quit smoking?  When we follow the guidance from our greater selves, we will feel peaceful about the decision.  If we feel anxiety or physical distress, we are not following our intuition.

Since guidance will be heard more clearly in silence, how do we become silent?  The best way that I know is through a consistent practice of meditation.   When the mind is quieted through meditation, there is space for the information to come through.

Let's listen to the whispers in our silence.