Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The mind is not our enemy. It is a useful tool. However, identification with thought creates frustration and unhappiness.

We can interrupt our identification with thought by bringing awareness (i.e., attention without judgment) to our thoughts and emotions. We are not our thoughts. Thoughts arise and we observe them. We will discover that 99% of our thoughts do not serve us. They consist of worry, guilt, fear, frustration, hope, desire, etc.

Let's bring awareness to our thoughts.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Body

Our body is our instrument for interacting with the material world. We should treat it in the same way we would treat a beloved possession.

Maintaining good health is no secret. It requires three things: Good nutrition to nourish the body (i.e., eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods, meat and dairy); vigorous exercise nearly every day; and rest (including sleep and relaxation). More and more studies have shown that practices like yoga and meditation have substantial benefits to the heart, and the other organs).

It is well proven that unconsciousness, i.e., negative thoughts about our health, cause disease and ill health. When we become conscious, we drop our addiction to things which cause us ill health, are renewed by a constant flow of energy, and turn towards healthier choices.

Let's nurture our instrument.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pure Awareness

Pure awareness is what we are.

We have convinced ourselves that we are an identity, which has been constructed over time since we were babies. We were given a name, a sexual identity, a religion, a socio-economic label, a national identity, group affiliations (e.g., country clubs, labor unions, alumni associations, professional organizations), etc.

The only existence we know is this identity which consists of a structure of beliefs which has no independent existence in reality.

We are reluctant to give up our attachment to the cycle of desire, expectation and fulfilment, even though it is irrevocably tied to disappointment and frustration. We are like a person who is addicted to gambling. He cannot stop despite the fact that his life is in shambles. He believes all his problems are caused by the fact that he loses. He continually tries to defeat the odds. The problem is not that the gambler loses, the problem is the gambling itself.

Similarly, we believe that our problems are caused by our desires not being fulfilled. We believe that if our desires are met, we would be happy and satisfied. The problem is not our unfulfilled desires. It is desire itself.

If desire is the problem, what is the solution? The answer is pure awareness, the realization that awareness is what we are. It is awareness becoming aware of itself.

Let's surrender to awareness.