Sunday, January 12, 2014


Wyuna Bay, Coromandel, New Zealand

We think we know what is best for us.  We think we know what we want.   We think we know what will make us happy.  We think we know what will make us feel fulfilled.   We firmly believe that our happiness depends on acquiring something outside of ourselves, a material possession, a job, a lover, what have you.  We are certain of it.  We are disappointed and frustrated when things do not go as we hoped.

The opposite is true.  We will never achieve lasting happiness by acquiring things.  The only way to achieve peace, love and joy and live a fulfilling life is to surrender all of our thoughts, beliefs and judgments.

We can call it the Infinite Energy Source.  We can call it the Great Mystery. We can call it Jahweh, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Vishnu, or Jehovah. We can call it God.  We can call it Love.  No words are adequate to describe it.  It is too grand to be encompassed by words.  Words are related to thought and thought cannot contemplate it.

We do not have enough information to know what we want.  We do not have enough information to know what is good for us, what will make us happy, or what will make us feel fulfilled.  We cannot know what we need. When we surrender our will to Divine Intelligence, we will be led to the highest outcome for all concerned.

Only by surrendering, can we fulfill our life's purpose.  When we peel away the many layers of conditioned beliefs, we are left with our true nature, which is peace, love and joy.

Let's surrender to the Infinite.