Sunday, July 31, 2011


Bay of Islands, New Zealand

We can bring our attention within and feel our bodies from the inside. When we do this, we can feel where there is tension, where we are holding. This tension is holding us back from living peacefully and in harmony with Source. By bringing our attention to where there is tension, we can begin to release our stress. It is our compulsive thinking which is causing the stress. At the same time that we release those parts of our body that we are holding, we surrender all of our thoughts, ideas and judgments. The more we do this the more open we will become.

Let's surrender to freedom.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Kereta, Coromandel, New Zealand

We cannot comprehend concepts of God, Nirvana, Heaven, Universal Energy, or whatever labels we use to describe our spiritual nature. We cannot explain what happens to us after we die. We know that Spirit seems to embody certain characteristics, such as Love. But the totality cannot be "figured out." Our labels and beliefs hinder our understanding.

It is not merely that it is too vast or complex to comprehend. It is that it cannot be understood through thought. It cannot be explained through language.

However, it can be known through experience. We can experience it by living beyond thought. We can become one with All That Is by releasing our thoughts, ideas, judgments and beliefs and becoming present. We can be comfortable with the idea of not knowing.

Let's surrender to the Great Mystery.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Qamea, Fiji

When we become more present and our neuroses begin to fade away, we "vibrate" at a frequency more aligned with Source. Things start to go our way. We are aware of more synchronicities in our lives. Even the traffic lights seem more green. As we cooperate with the universe, the universe cooperates with us.

Thoughts that used to bother us, don't seem so important. We begin to sympathize with those that we don't like or who don't like us. We don't always need answers, and we accept things just as they are. As old relationships fade away, new relationships are formed.

Let's recognize our oneness with all things.