Sunday, April 26, 2015


Asakusa Festival, Japan

With all the turmoil, war, terrorism, ignorance, cruelty, degradation of the planet, chaos, etc, how is it possible to find peace?  

We find peace by turning away from compulsive thinking and towards presence (turning off the news once in awhile doesn't hurt either!).  The more we turn our attention towards being present, the more peaceful we will become.

We choose to bring our awareness (i.e., our attention without judgment) away from frustration, anger and fear towards love, joy, freedom and peace.

How do we become peaceful?  By reacting differently to whatever occurs.  We choose peace.  How can we choose peace?  We choose peace by slowing down our thoughts in order to realize that we have a choice.  We slow down our thoughts by having a daily meditation practice.  It's as simple as that.

Let's choose freedom.  Let's choose love.  Let's choose joy.  Let's choose peace.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Zombies at the Pier

Thoughts about awakening are not awakening.  Awakening is simply the shifting of our attention away from thought and towards Present Awareness.

We acknowledge and surrender our thoughts.  We continue to surrender our thoughts that come from the deepest part of our subconscious.  Painful thoughts, happy thoughts, frightening thoughts.  Like peeling an onion, we surrender layer upon layer of thought and beliefs.

We even surrender thoughts of spirituality, thoughts of God and thoughts of awakening.

We surrender our thoughts to the fire of the light of Awareness.

Let's surrender our thoughts and awaken to Presence.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


We do not have enough information to know what is good news or bad news.  We may be excited about a new job or a promotion, but it does not do us much good if we are hit by a bus the next day.  If we get divorced or get fired, how times have we heard people say a year later that getting divorced or fired was "the best thing that ever happened to me."

Similarly with death, we have no way of knowing whether our consciousness continues to have wonderful experiences or whether our awareness is extinguished.  Why would we assume the worst?

Since we have no way of knowing how life will unfold, what is the best way to live our lives?  When we surrender our desires and expectations, and surrender our will to the Infinite Energy Source, we are in harmony with Universal Intelligence.  When we align ourselves with Source, we will always receive the best outcome for all concerned in every situation.  We see the beauty in life.  We understand our life's purpose.  Unexpected, Divine, positive occurrences  (i.e., Miracles) happen at an increasing rate the more we surrender to Divine Intelligence.  We embody peace, love, joy and freedom.

All we have to do is try it to experience the truth.

Let's surrender to the Infinite Void.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Venus in Venice

The more we slow down our thoughts, the better able we are to make the choice between love and fear.  In every given moment we have that choice, whether we realize it or not.  We can choose fear, which makes us stressed, damages our health and causes us to be frustrated and angry.  Or we can choose love, which brings the highest outcome for all concerned, including ourselves.

We do not make a choice, because we do not know we have a choice.  If we did know that we have a choice, why would we ever choose fear and misery over love and joy?

In order to realize that we have a choice, we have to slow our thoughts down so that we have awareness of them.  Only in that awareness, choices can be made.

The best way to slow down our thoughts and realize that we have choices is through meditation.

If we meditate first thing in the morning, the whole day will go differently.  We will make different choices.  When we choose presence or love in the face of "stressful" circumstances, we will experience different outcomes.  By reacting differently to things that occur, not only will we be better able to handle the situation, reality will change.  Things will go our way.  We will manifest more positive and more fulfilling events.

Do we really not have time to spare 20 minutes a day in order for our entire day, and actually our entire lives, to dramatically improve?

Let's meditate daily.