Saturday, July 26, 2008


We are constantly distracted by television, the computer, music, idle chatter with friends, etc. The noise of the city is deafening. The media bombards us with advertising, publicity and sordid revelations about shallow celebrities.

It is not surprising that we are driven to desire and fear in a constant cycle of dissatisfaction and unease. The non-stop advertising from drug manufacturers is very well designed to keep us in a constant state of worry about our health and well being. The fast food industry makes sure that we will need the drugs that the pharmaceuticals sell.

The external noise creates the most disturbing noise of all, the noise within our heads. Our thoughts are programmed by the non-stop conditioning of input from the outside world.

We can free ourselves from this bondage of which we are scarcely aware, and transcend the noise and the never-ending cycles of fear and desire, boredom and escape.

We can rise above the noise by observing the noise within us and outside of us without judgment. By observing the noise, we break our attachment to the messages contained within it. We become comfortable with silence and lose the need to be distracted.

Let's embrace silence.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Can we sit in a chair without speaking, eating, thinking, meditating, or doing anything at all? Can we feel our hearts beating and the blood coursing through our bodies? Can we feel our feet come in contact with the ground when we walk? Can we feel the breeze touch the skin on our face? Do we feel ourselves tensing our muscles? Can we release the tension when we bring our awareness to them? Do we see the world come and go without judgment?

When we are still, we do.

When we are still, we are in synch with the Infinite Energy Source. We are unfazed by the turbulence that surrounds us. We are at peace.

When we are still, everything changes. We no longer endlessly strive for things that we desire. We are not jostled by the highs and lows of everyday life. Our problems disappear. Our petty jealousies and hatreds fade. We are one.

Let's just be.

Friday, July 4, 2008


We are prisoners of our conditioned mind. From birth, we have been programmed to think, feel and act in accordance with our gender, religion, economic class, region, etc. We sleepwalk through life.

We can become free by realizing that everything that we believe is false. We are not restricted by being male or female. We do not have to belong to or follow a religion. We do not have to consider ourselves Americans.

We will be free when we surrender all of our thoughts and beliefs and become comfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing. By releasing all of our beliefs, we awaken to who we truly are. We release our stress at the same time. Our stress was caused by the conflict between what we think we are and what we truly are.

Let's surrender to freedom.