Monday, May 28, 2012

The Instrument

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

We are not inside our bodies.  Our bodies are within us.  Our bodies are our instruments for interacting with the material world.

We all know what it takes to keep our instruments in good working order:  whole organic foods (our fuel), clean water, pure air, and consistent exercise.  The most important factor in keeping our instruments working is eliminating stress.

Heart disease is the number one killer.  Stress (in very direct relation) causes heart disease as well as many other diseases.  It is also the major cause of our frustration and unhappiness.

Stress is caused by compulsive, unexamined thought.  The thoughts that cause stress usually consist of expectations of future events.  We fear something that we think will happen to us, or we are afraid that we will not receive something that we think we deserve or desire.

By eliminating expectations, we eliminate stress.  We eliminate expectations by surrendering our desires and bringing our attention, without judgment of any kind, to the present moment.

Our expectations of what we think we want pale in comparison to what we receive when we release our thoughts and allow Universal Spirit to guide us.  We are relaxed and stress free because we know that everything will unfold just as it should for the highest outcome for all concerned.

Let's allow reality to be just as it is.  

Monday, May 21, 2012


Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

We know how to awaken.  We have all the tools.  We have the teachings of all the masters, living and dead, at our disposable at any time.  We know what to do.  So, why is it so difficult?

It is difficult for two reasons.  First, we have built a protective wall around all of the memories of painful incidents we have experienced during our lives.  We have shielded ourselves from the pain.  When we bring our awareness to our thoughts, we are confronted with our subconscious thoughts and we are terrified to confront them.  Also, our thoughts and belief systems are the only existence that we know.  They are who we think we are.  If we surrender our thoughts and beliefs, we believe that we will cease to exist and we are afraid that there will be nothing (or worse) left.

Of course, we know that this is untrue.  However, it takes real courage to face our painful memories and take the leap of faith into the Unknown.  We will not do this alone.  When we take this leap of faith, there is something on the other side to catch us.  There is a Universal Intelligence which has been begging us to join it.  There is peace, love and joy on the other side.  There is nothing to fear.

Let's have the courage to surrender and leap into the Great Unknown.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

Our true nature is peace, love and joy.  Our experience of our true nature is obscured by a veil that we have created.  The veil is our ego, our thoughts, our beliefs.  Our thoughts that we have had throughout our lives has created a system of beliefs that has hardened into a wall between ourselves and our true nature.

We do not have to search for love and happiness.  We only have to lift the veil and be who we really are.  We can lift the veil of hardened beliefs by surrendering our prejudices, thoughts, judgments and beliefs and turning our awareness to the present moment, the place between our thoughts.  Our thoughts will then recede into the background and we will be in harmony with our true selves, i.e., Universal Intelligence.

 Let's be one with our true nature by surrendering our thoughts and beliefs and being present.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Merino Sheep, Glenorchy, New Zealand

The main cause of our suffering is that we believe our thoughts are truth.  This is the fundamental lie of our existence.  It is not events in our lives that cause us unhappiness.  It is our thoughts about those events.  We believe that if things were different than they are, everything would be fine with us.  Nothing is wrong with reality.  Reality is perfect.  It is our perception of reality that causes our problems.

We experience freedom when we understand that we are not our thoughts and our thoughts are not true.  By creating a separation between our awareness and our thoughts, we can begin to question our thoughts.  By creating this separation, we can look at our thoughts, without judgment.  When we bring awareness to our thoughts, we understand that there is no connection between truth (i.e., reality or what is) and our thoughts.  We can then begin to stop taking our thoughts seriously, and look at our thoughts with amused detachment.  The grip that our thoughts and beliefs have over our lives and well being will start to loosen and eventually fall away altogether.

Once we understand that there is a difference between ourselves and our thoughts, everything will change.  The world will look different.  Our unhappiness will fade.  We will know peace, love and joy in our lives.

What we think and believe are lies.

Let's accept what is, just as it is.