Sunday, November 25, 2007


Faith has nothing to do with following systems of beliefs offered by religions. It has everything to do with allowing ourselves to trust in the sacred energy that flows through us.

It is frightening to release the false comfort that our beliefs give us. These beliefs are our connection to the groups that give us an identity. We are afraid that if we give up these beliefs, we will have no identity and will be lost. The opposite is true. Only by giving up what we think we know can we establish a connection to the divine.

Faith gives us the courage to release our firmly held beliefs and surrender to a greater Wisdom. This Wisdom is what we are. We experience it by bringing our attention to the present moment.

Let's have faith that by letting go and surrendering to the void, we will find peace.


Our point of power is the present moment. The present is all that exists. The past and the future are illusions created by our minds. We convince ourselves that the illusion is real.

If we surrender to the present, we merge ourselves with our greater Selves. By giving up "control," we access the wisdom, love and joy that is our fundamental nature.

We no longer have to think about what decisions we need to make or what these decisions should be. We are connected to the natural flow that will guide us to act in our own best interest, as well as the best interests of all concerned.

We do not have enough information to determine what our best courses of action should be. We try to push life in directions which we think are in our best interest. This approach does not create fulfillment and often causes frustration.

By allowing life to take us where it wants us to go, we realize there is nothing we have to obtain or achieve to be satisfied. We may still work towards a goal, but we lose the desperation and frustration if things do not go exactly the way that we have planned.

When we become aware that we have been lost in thought about the past or the future, that is not a reason to chastise ourselves for not living in the present. On the contrary, it is an awakening into the present. The more that occurs, the more presence takes over our lives.

Let's surrender to now.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Happiness is by its very nature fleeting. The happiness that we experience when we obtain something we desired will fade sooner or later. The unhappiness we experience when we are disappointed or frustrated will also fade.

Happiness does not exist without unhappiness. They are irrevocably tied. We can break the cycle of happiness and unhappiness. We can break the cycle of fear and desire which underlies it.

Our natural state is joy. We can return to joy by surrendering our addiction to thought and releasing our unconscious attachment to fear and desire. Our identity is defined by our thoughts and emotions, our fear and desire. It takes courage and discipline to release our long held beliefs about who we are.

Let's surrender to joy.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


We are one. We are a part of divinity. Words are inadequate to describe what is.

However, we can experience Unity, Grace and our connection to the Divine. It has nothing to do with religion. Religion gives us more stories of who we think we are and what we think reality is.

The light of awareness is attention without judgment. It is also the spark of Divinity. Words are not important. They cannot begin to describe it.

The time is now to release the chains of our unconscious behavior and embrace what we truly are.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


When we bring awareness to our thoughts, we become aware that 99% of them are gibberish. Desire, regret, worry, guilt, envy, frustration. We think, if we only had [insert object of desire here], we would feel [insert desired quality here].

These thoughts and emotions are attempts to cover up our feelings of inadequacy, lack and emptiness. We attempt to fill or cover up the hole in our lives by attempting to add things on to our selves.

The hole that we feel can never be filled because there is no hole. Our compulsive thinking creates the belief that there is something missing from our lives. This belief was created a long time ago and is constantly reinforced by societal belief structures (e.g., media, religion, family traditions).

We can dissolve the hole that we feel by releasing our desires and beliefs and surrendering to freedom. We are not in this alone. If we take the first step, our greater Self will meet us halfway. It will do so because we and It are one and the same. The integration of our self with our higher Self is inevitable.

Let's release our identification with thought and material things and choose freedom.