Sunday, November 29, 2015


Te Kouma, Coromandel, New Zealand

It takes courage to awaken.  When we move into presence, all of the thoughts and beliefs that we have pushed down into our unconscious because they were too painful to deal with, begin to surface. Facing thoughts that we have pushed down for so many years (since our childhood traumas) requires courage because we think that our thoughts and beliefs are true.  They are not.

Once we realize that our thoughts are not true, we can have the courage to accept and release them, regardless of how heinous we believe they are. The more we comprehend that our thoughts are not true, the less courage that is required.  When we stop believing our thoughts, They lose their power over us.

When we observe our thoughts, we realize that 99% of them are pure gibberish.  They do not serve us.  They hinder our awakening and interfere with our peace and joy.  When we can watch our thoughts without judgment, we can laugh at their ridiculousness.  No courage required. Hilarity ensues.

Let's have the courage to be present.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Who We Are

The best moment of our lives is the moment when we realize that our thoughts are not true.

Aren't our greatest moments those where our basic assumptions are challenged, such as when someone loves us even though we believe that we are unloveable, or we get a big promotion even though we feel that we are unworthy?  One of my most elated moments was the moment I heard that I was accepted to Stanford Law.  It challenged my basic self-assumption that I was mediocre.

If we are not who we think we are, then who are we?  That is the most significant question we will ever face.  If we are not our thoughts or beliefs, who are we?  We are what remains when we surrender our thoughts.  We are awareness.  We are the being who perceives.  The being who perceives is part of the Infinite Being Who Perceives.

Let's appreciate the moment.