Friday, October 23, 2015


Venice Beach

Peace is what we all crave, yet we don't know how to find it.  We seek it out through relationships, money, career, etc.  If we only had X, our lives would be at peace.  But even if we achieve X, we do not find peace.

What is peace but the absence of thought?  Isn't it our thoughts which cause us to be agitated?

We cannot find peace.  It is what we are.  How simple is it to know that what we crave is what we are.

We just need to choose it in any given moment.  What about this moment?  We will never find it in the future.  The future does not exist.  We can only choose peace in this present moment.

By moving away from thought and bringing our attention to the present moment, we are one with our peaceful eternal selves.

Let's choose peace.  Right now and forever.

Sunday, October 18, 2015



Sometimes it seems like we are utterly alone, even when we are surrounded by friends and family members who love us.  We are not alone.  We are a divine portion of Universal Intelligence.

How do we become connected when we do not feel that way?

We connect with the Divine Energy by surrendering our will to Universal Intelligence.  We do not have to do this alone.  When we towards towards the Divine, It turns towards us.  God will never insist, but only suggest.

It is identification with thought which makes us feel lonely.  When we are connected to All That Is, we can never feel alone.  In fact, we embrace our solitude because it assists with our connection to Universal Energy.

Let's surrender our thoughts and choose Presence.