Sunday, August 24, 2008


Do we really need to acquire more stuff?

We are inundated with very persuasive propaganda from films, television and advertising, telling us that we are "not enough."

The pharmaceutical companies invent diseases in order for us to purchase drugs every day for the rest of our lives. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and other conditions are usually easily remedied through diet and exercise. The drug companies earn billions of dollars convincing us that a lifetime of drug taking is the only solution.

We are complete just the way we are. Acquiring things will only temporarily make us feel that we are fulfilled. Soon we will feel empty again.

There is nothing wrong with owning and enjoying material objects. Problems arise when we believe that those objects will enhance who we are.

There is nothing that we need to own or add on to ourselves to be complete. Ridding ourselves of things that have no true value will emphasize that. We will feel whole when we realize that we are whole. If we do not realize that we are complete, we should have faith that we are until we know it. Then we will understand that we do not need things to enhance us.

Let's realize that nothing outside of ourselves is necessary because we are already Perfect.

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