Thursday, August 7, 2008


There is nothing wrong with owning and enjoying material possessions. Problems arise when we identify with those objects and believe that they will help us overcome our feelings of inadequacy. We believe they will help us feel that we belong to a certain group or help make us popular, envied or desired. We believe that if we are envied, there must be something to envy. We feel our lives must therefore have value.

For a period of time, an object might make us feel happy, envied or desired, or that we belong to a group. Soon, our feelings of inadequacy will return. No possession can fill the hole that we feel, because there is no hole. We just think that there is.

When we surrender all of our judgments and beliefs, we realize that our neuroses and insecurities have left us as well. We are left with pure awareness and we are aligned with our higher purpose.

Let's surrender our ideas about our gender. Let's surrender our beliefs about our country. Let's surrender our beliefs about our religion. Let's surrender our beliefs about ourselves.

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