Monday, September 1, 2008


If there was an activity which, by doing it a few minutes a day, would lower our blood pressure and make us healthier, would we do it? If there was an activity which would improve our relationships, would we find time to do it? What if this activity would make us happy and peaceful, and rid us of our depression, frustration and neuroses?

Unfortunately, there is no such activity which can achieve these results. However, there is a non-activity that will accomplish these things and more.

If we take only a few minutes a day to sit in stillness, all of these things will occur in our lives. Becoming aware of our breath, our thoughts and our emotions, without judgment, takes courage and discipline.

Numerous studies have proven that meditation lowers blood pressure, enhances health, and increases well-being.

Is it worth a few minutes out of our busy day to benefit every aspect of our lives and indeed change the world?

Let's allow ourselves the gift of stillness.

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