Saturday, March 1, 2008


Life is designed for us to experience happiness and unhappiness, health and disease, satisfaction and frustration, peace and impatience.

We can transcend the ups and downs of these cycles which cause anxiety and stress, by bringing awareness into our life. We do this by observing, without judgment, our thoughts, emotions and what we perceive with our senses.

Is it possible to be peaceful in the midst of turmoil? It is inevitable because peace is what we are.

Let's transcend the changing tides of our life by releasing our addiction to thought and the stories that we tell ourselves, and allow our awareness to transform us.


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Nils said...

Finding peace in a sorrowful world is the test. For those of us with a leaning toward Spirit it can be easy to fall into an airy/fairy kind of "bliss out" state. That's not peace, that's self-induced psychosis. Can you find peace no matter what external situation presents itself. After all, As Eckhart Tolle once said, "even the sun will die." Turn into the webcast on tonight.