Sunday, March 9, 2008


There is nothing that we have to learn to be peaceful. There is no knowledge which can add to our understanding of it. There is no object we can acquire which can bring us peace. There is no accomplishment we can achieve which will bring us peace.

Peace is what we are. It is not a belief. It is a state of being. We can rid ourselves of the turbulence and frustration of our lives by becoming aware. Awareness is simply attention without judgment. By bringing attention without judgment to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, they dissolve. They cannot exist in the light of awareness. We are left with our natural state of being, which is peace, joy and love.

If we are sitting, not doing any activity, not thinking or judging, we (or others) might think that we are wasting our time and not accomplishing anything. On the contrary, we are causing the world to evolve.

Let's release our judgments, thoughts and beliefs and be what we actually are: love, peace and joy. Let's be now.


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