Sunday, March 16, 2008


There is nothing wrong with owning and enjoying beautiful or useful things. If we obtain, for example, a Porsche, or other luxury car, we can love its beauty and enjoy the way it drives and its engineering.

However, if we own it to create envy in others or to show that we are part of a group, it only exposes our own feelings of inadequacy. If we desire to create envy in others, we must feel lower than they are. If we have to prove our superiority, it means that we do not feel superior. Of course, even if we succeed in establishing our image of superiority, there will always be someone with more, and we feel inferior again.

Although we are not superior to anyone else, we are also not inferior to anyone. We can rid ourselves of our constant striving and become whole and confident by surrendering all of our ideas and judgments about who we think we are. By surrendering layer after layer of our thoughts, beliefs and judgments, what remains is our connection to Universal Energy and we experience peace, love and joy.

There is nothing we have to do. We stop doing and surrender.

Let's surrender to the Infinite.

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