Sunday, June 29, 2014


1800 Coconut

What is a miracle?  It is a divinely inspired, unexpected, very positive experience.

When we allow things to be just as they are, without expectation or desire, Universal Intelligence turns in our direction.  The absence of expectation signals the Universe that we have everything we need.  When we have everything we need, the Universe reflects that back to us, causing miracles to occur.

How many miracles will we receive?  As many miracles as we allow to happen.  The more we allow, the more miracles we receive.  The miracles we receive surpass anything we desired or expected.

If we are obsessed with what we want or expect from life, we will often be frustrated.  If we allow the Universe to give us what it wants us to have, we will be surprised by how well things go.

Let's surrender to the Divine.

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