Monday, February 17, 2014

Who we are

Rangitoto, New Zealand

Are we prepared to obliterate our identity?  Are we ready to surrender our personality?  Our identity, i.e., who we believe we are, is a structure made up of our beliefs, thoughts and feelings.  The structure was created by our conditioning, which has been programmed into us since birth (or before).

Who would we be without our beliefs, neuroses, our shyness, anger, etc?  We would be more of who we really are.  We would not shrink.  We would actually be much larger versions of ourselves.  We would be ourselves, but more loving, peaceful and joyful.

Our egos fight for their existence.  Our identity and who we really are have fused into one entity.  We fiercely believe that our thoughts and ourselves are one.

We are afraid to surrender our thoughts and beliefs because we believe that there will be nothing left in the absence of thought.  This is the major lie of our existence.  When we create a separation between our thoughts and who we are, our lives deepen and we begin to fulfill our life's purpose.  As Michael Beckwith says, "It is simple, but it is not easy."  It requires strong intention and diligence, because the magnetic pull into unconscious thought is strong.

We will not lose our personality when we awaken.  We will become a larger, kinder version of ourselves.  Our neuroses and obsessions will fade away.  We will laugh more, cry more, love more.  We may laugh and cry at the same time.

Let's surrender to who we really are.

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