Sunday, February 9, 2014


Coromandel, New Zealand

It doesn't matter how anxious, irritated, angry or sad we feel. Everything could be different in the very next moment. 

Peace, love and joy are waiting for the slightest whisper of an invitation to enter our lives. They will not enter uninvited. How do we change the world in a single moment? All we have to do is bring awareness to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.  Awareness is watching without judgment or labels of any kind. 

In a mere moment, who we are will be completely transformed. More accurately, our identify, i.e, who we think we are, will be different. 

If all of our unhappiness and frustration can disappear in a moment, why do we find it so difficult to change? The reason is that we believe we are who we think we are. We believe that we are our thoughts. The mere separation between ourselves and our thoughts caused by watching them, changes ourselves and everything around us. 

Nothing will be the same. Don't believe me. Try it and see what happens. 

Let's bring awareness to our thoughts and feelings.

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