Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Choice

Cape Reinga, New Zealand

The most important choice we will ever make is whether we will continue our lives of fear, frustration and obsessive thinking about the past and the future, or live mindfully in the present moment.  There is nothing that we have to learn, accomplish or achieve to awaken.  No obstacles need to be overcome.  No training is required.

In fact, if we make the choice to live in harmony with Universal Intelligence, we can become enlightened in this very moment.

It seems too simple.  If it was so simple, why wouldn't we all be awakened masters?  The answer is that we are not aware that the choice is ours and the process is so simple.  We have hypnotized ourselves into thinking that following our belief systems is the only way to live.  The web of thought and belief is so thick, that we do not know there is another way.

If we choose to surrender our thoughts in this very moment, with the strong resolve that is necessary to repel the relentless pull of compulsive thinking, we will be in harmony with the flow of life, We will be fulfilled because we are living our true purpose. We will know peace.

Let's choose freedom.

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