Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Upward Spiral Part 2

Qamea, Fiji

I tried to figure out whether my awakening was something that happened to me or whether it was something I just decided.  A few days later, I had an insight that it did not make a difference.  If true, this was a momentous concept.  If we could awaken just by deciding we were awakened, then any of us could awaken at any given moment.

Once we decide that we are awakened, we create a belief which becomes reinforced and stronger with each  moment.  When a thought of fear or anger appears, it goes against the belief "I am awakened."  We cannot hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time.  One of the beliefs has to give way.  The weaker belief will always surrender to the stronger.  When the fear or anger dissolves, our belief in our awakening deepens and strengthens.  The stronger our belief is, the quicker the weak thought dissolves.  The quicker the weak thought dissolves, the stronger our awakening becomes.  Thus an upward spiral is created deepening our awakening from moment to moment.

It could happen this way:

One day (could be today) we are feeling pretty good and we decide we have awakened.  The next day, we are having lunch with a friend and we tell her "yesterday I had an awakening."  She thinks, "Huh.  I have no idea what he is talking about."  A few days later, something happens which triggers fear in us.  As the fear begins to take hold of our thoughts and body, we think, "if I am enlightened, how can I be afraid?"  We can't.  The fear begins to fade before it can engulf us.  This makes us feel pretty confident.  Peace, love and joy start to permeate our feelings.  We start to do things which enhance and increase these feelings.  We might start to meditate more.  Different people come into our lives.  Synchronicities increase.  Our ego tries to take hold of it and feel superior to others.  We do not pay any attention to that.  Our awakening deepens.  After awhile, something happens which triggers thoughts of fear.  This time, those thoughts hit a solid wall of belief and bounce off before they can even begin to take hold.  We are now enlightened masters.

It is so simple.  Let's decide and declare:  We are awake.  We are enlightened.

Let's awaken now because the world needs enlightened masters.

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