Sunday, January 27, 2013


Sedona, Arizona

What is faith?  Faith is trust. We trust that if we surrender our belief systems, which define who we think we are, we will be in harmony with Universal Intelligence and fulfill our life's purpose, rather than descend into a pit of fear and despair.

It is called faith because no words can convince us of this Truth.  There is no scientific evidence which will prove it (although they are getting close!).  No teacher can adequately describe it.  However, someone who is awake can create an energy field of Presence.

We must take the leap and experience it to see the truth of it.  When we sincerely try it, we immediately glimpse a different reality.  Our interactions with people change.  We no longer feel a need to be defensive.  We listen without thinking of what we want to say next.  Our anger, fear, loneliness, and frustration start to lessen.  Peace, love and joy begin to permeate our being.

The more we do it, the more evidence we see of it and the stronger our faith becomes.  It is like a muscle that gets stronger with exercise.  Faith becomes a habit (a good one!).

Let's have faith to surrender to the Void.

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