Sunday, November 25, 2012

An Upward Spiral

Kamakura, Japan

We cannot become enlightened in the future.  We can only become enlightened in the present.  If we are on the spiritual path, we will always be on the spiritual path.

When I had an awakening earlier this year and I occasionally told people about it, I became energized and animated.  Since then, every time I had a weak thought of doubt or fear, I remembered that I was awake and the thought immediately dissolved   Each time this occurred, it reinforced and deepened my awakening.  I would think to myself "Wow, I really am awake."  Knowing we are awakened causes us to overcome our fear and anger, which reinforces our awakening.  This creates an upward spiral.

According to Abraham Lincoln (at least in the movie!), the time is now, now, now!  The time to awaken is now, right this very moment, even as we are reading this post.  It is time to get off the spiritual path and be enlightened.

Let's embrace it and announce it, not out of ego, but from Truth.

Let's declare it: We are awakened.  We are enlightened.  We are Love.  We are Divine.  Let's create an upward spiral.

We are now awake.

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Nils said...

Yes, lovely and perceptive. Waking up is not some distance experience, but something we have access to always, right here, right now!