Sunday, May 23, 2010



Stress equals illness and death. It is caused by compulsive thinking about the past and the future and manifests in an unconscious holding of different parts of our inner body (including, our hearts).

Some say there is "good stress" and "bad stress." There is no such thing as "good stress." All stress leads to disease and death.

There is nothing "wrong" with illness or death. I am not making a value judgment. It is simply a choice. If we choose not to be ill or die at a young age, we must release stress.

We can release stress by stopping our compulsive thinking about the past and future and releasing our unconscious holding within our inner bodies. We can release our unconscious holding within our bodies by bringing our attention to the areas that we are holding, without judgment. We can only be conscious of what was previously unconscious by becoming still and moving our attention into presence. Once our holding becomes conscious, it will release. Breathing deeply into it also helps.

Let's release our stale thoughts and beliefs about the past and future, and surrender to presence.

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