Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sunrise, Hana, Maui

When presence comes into our lives, the neurotic parts of our identity begin to dissolve. The separation between ourselves and our world also begins to dissolve and we realize that we are one with everyone and everything.

Our fear of dying lessens, as well as our fear of future events. Once our attention remains in the present, we realize that the future is an illusion and worrying about it seems silly. Feeling guilty about actions that we cannot change and are not in conflict with our true selves, also seems pointless.

If we do not have "time" to do the work, to meditate, to practice yoga, to be mindful of what we are doing, to keep our attention in the present moment, to be kind and loving towards others and ourselves, we should not be surprised that we are frustrated, worried and stressed. Of course, it does not take "time" and there is no "work" that needs to be done. But we do have to wake up.

Let's realize the unity of all things.

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