Sunday, May 17, 2009


Mt. Tongariro from Lake Taupo

Our breath is the connection between our physical bodies and the Unmanifested. It is a doorway to Presence.
Our breath and our states of mind are irrevocably tied as well. If we are feeling stressed or anxious, our breath is shallow and quick. If our breath is long and deep, we are feeling peaceful. We can change our state of mind by changing our breath.

We take our breathing for granted because it is so familiar. It can be a very helpful tool. Studies have shown that we can greatly lower our blood pressure by doing breathing exercises. Following our breath with our attention is a powerful meditation.

By bringing awareness to our breathing, we become present.
Let's breathe.


Thurapist said...

Phillip, you are so right about breath. I've been doing TM since I was 17 years old and my doctor thinks that's a primary reason for my low blood pressure even when every other family member has blood pressure numbers off the charts.

Love the photos of NZ.


Phillip said...

It is a miracle what can be accomplished from seemingly commonplace and mundane activities.