Saturday, May 23, 2009


Kauri Tree, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

We are afraid to leave the safety of our comfort zone. We feel safe thinking and acting in the same manner as the various groups we identify with. We have been conditioned our entire lives to think and behave a certain way. However, at some point we become conscious that we are dissatisfied and frustrated with our lives. The solution is not to join another group or try to alter our thinking.

The answer is to have the courage to give up compulsive thinking.

It take courage to surrender everything that we have been taught and everything that defines who we think we are. It takes courage to surrender to a great unknown, which cannot be defined or described. It can only be experienced. Once we become conscious, the thoughts and beliefs that we buried deep into our subconscious because they were too painful will begin to emerge. It takes courage to face them without judgment.

Let's have the courage to surrender to the Mystery.



Thanks for reminding me!

Marion said...

As someone who my friends always point to as being the courageous one, I am humbly reminded that I need courage to continue having courage! And the courage to go one, not knowing where. Thanks!