Sunday, October 19, 2008


Underneath anger and frustration lies sadness.

We were hurt by events that happened to us during childhood. We did not want to feel the hurt because it was too painful, so we avoided feeling it by covering it up with anger. The anger affects the way we feel about ourselves and how we interact with people. We continually create circumstances similar to what happened to us during childhood in a never ending cycle.

We can break the cycle by having the courage to be aware of the feelings which underlie our frustration and anger.

We are ready to say: Yes, something happened to us. Yes, it hurt our feelings. Yes, it was not fair. Yes, we accept that it happened. And, yes, we are ready to let it go.

We are also ready to say: Yes, we have the courage to surrender our stale beliefs, and yes, we will now take actions which enhance our lives.

Let's release our anger and frustration and surrender to yes.

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