Saturday, October 11, 2008


We have a choice.

We can choose to live a conditioned, unconscious life, living our life in accordance with what we have been taught, and attempt to meet the expectations that others have for us.

There is great comfort and safety in conforming to the beliefs of the various groups that we belong to, such as our religious organizations, our schools, our economic and geographic peer groups, our gender identity, etc. It is frightening to stray from the course that other group members follow.

Or we can be choose to be like Neo of THE MATRIX, and search for the truth of our existence and become conscious.

Some people have to reach a low point before they search for answers outside of their familiar beliefs. Others have a nagging thought that there is something more to life than following the path they were assigned, and have a consistent desire to find their own way.

Once we decide to seek a different path, the Universe will offer us the means to awake. Some of us read books, such as Eckhart Tolles', some attend alternative churches like Agape for inspiration. Some find peace by being in solitude or nature. The truth is all around us.

My favorite films are ones where the main character becomes conscious and learns how to love, like THE MATRIX, ON THE WATERFRONT, CASABLANCA, JERRY MAGUIRE, AS GOOD AS IT GETS, AMERICAN BEAUTY, SIXTH SENSE, THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, etc.

We make the choice. The path we choose is ours alone. Let's create whatever life we choose to create.

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