Saturday, October 25, 2008


Do we allow life to take us where it wants us to go? Or do we fight the current and allow our deep seated fears and prejudices to lead us where we think we want to go?

We do not have enough information to know what is "good" or "bad" for us.

When we are in traffic, if we are irritated or frustrated, we are resisting Life. If we lose our job, we often later get a more suitable job. If we get divorced, we may realize that we are a whole person that did not need a spouse to complete us. If we have a health crisis, we may realize that we have to modify our lifestyle and choose healthier habits. We may also realize that life is too short to waste a single moment being unconscious and unaware.

How can we tell which decision is in harmony with Life? We know we are in harmony when we feel at peace with our decision. One choice makes us feel contracted and unsure. The other makes us feel in tune with our inner self. With practice, it becomes easier to make harmonious decisions.

Let's allow life to be as it is.

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