Friday, July 4, 2008


We are prisoners of our conditioned mind. From birth, we have been programmed to think, feel and act in accordance with our gender, religion, economic class, region, etc. We sleepwalk through life.

We can become free by realizing that everything that we believe is false. We are not restricted by being male or female. We do not have to belong to or follow a religion. We do not have to consider ourselves Americans.

We will be free when we surrender all of our thoughts and beliefs and become comfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing. By releasing all of our beliefs, we awaken to who we truly are. We release our stress at the same time. Our stress was caused by the conflict between what we think we are and what we truly are.

Let's surrender to freedom.

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Mirnas said...

Dear Phillip,

Thank you for allowing these posts.

Please allow a humble observation: there is no need to go to war with the mind. The conditioned dreamer is still in the One Life.
Just dreaming.

Peace and Stillness,