Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Watcher

If we are unaware of our thoughts, emotions and actions, we move through life like conditioned robots. We are buffeted between fear and desire, programmed to respond in a certain way since birth. The programming continues throughout our life, until we awaken.

The media barrages our unconscious mind with the desire to purchase items which we think will fulfill us, and drugs, which we think will bring us health and well-being. We are brainwashed.

By bringing awareness to our thoughts, emotions and activities, we break the pattern of conditioned responses.

Awareness is simply attention (or observation) without judgment. When we perceive ourselves without making judgments of any kind, we allow the infinite energy of Source to flow through us. Our activities are then in alignment and we will experience a profound peace. There may be some turbulence in our outer lives, but that is because our true selves have been repressed for so long.

Are we the one who is perceiving or the one who is being perceived? We are both, and this bifurcation allows us to become aware that we are much, much greater than we think we are.

Let's become mindful of our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions and start truly living.

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