Sunday, May 4, 2008


We cannot make ourselves whole by adding things on to ourselves, such as obtaining material possessions, knowledge, beliefs, etc.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having things which make us comfortable or learning things. However, we will become disappointed if we think that additional things will make us fulfilled, or when we identify ourselves with our labels, friends or possessions (e.g., "I am a Mercedes owner," "I am President of a company." "I wear the latest fashions," "I am accomplished at this or that.").

We can experience fulfillment by releasing our identification with things. We can feel connected to the Source by dropping the labels that define us. The less we know the wiser we become.
Let's strip away all of our labels and identifications, and become what we truly are: Peace, love and joy.

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Nils said...

I think of this when I look at all the "spiritual" books and cds, dvds, etc. I have. If you looked at my library you would think "enlighted chap." If you see my mind you would think, "troubled fellow."

One book I read recently that was interesting is "A Complaint Free World." There is also a website devoted to it. The idea is to wear a rubber wristband and every time you complain (outloud), gossip, or make a negative comment, you just note it and change the band to the other wrist. Try it - it works. Plus, now you don't have to buy the book - thereby simplifying your life!